Our History


Epperson Tree Service has been a quality provider of all tree related services in East central Illinois since 2009.

In mid January 2009 our founder Andrew, at the age of 20, found himself working nights as a janitor when opportunity struck!

 A large ice storm hit southern Indiana and Illinois. Since he had a short background in tree work with his grandfathers small company in rural Southern Indiana, he decided to take a couple of weeks off work – and Epperson Tree Service was born! He never returned to his night job, but instead focused all his time, energy and other resources on growing his then tiny company.

Since then, we have quickly grown from that 1 man – 1 pickup truck operation to become the leading provider of tree related services in our area! We are now prepared with a large and ever expanding fleet of trucks and equipment. Additionally, we have continued to improve our processes and professionalism.

We have now grown well past the wildest dreams of our then 20 year old founder.


Though we have put a lot into the growth of our company, we would not be where we are today without the encouragement, support and suggestions of our friends and valued customers. We wish to thank them for all they have done, because they are as big a part of our story as anything else.


As we continue to grow and improve, we look forward to serving our community and appreciate your continued patronage!

Why Hire an Arborist?

What Does It Mean to be a TCIA Member?

Andrew grew up around the tree care industry and founded Epperson Tree Service in 2009. He has worked hard to build the company and hone his craft. He is a ISA Certified Arborist and certified crane operator.

Josh is a hard worker and a fast learner! he has become an integral part of what we do every day!

Drew is a Lawrence County native who has joined our operation and become very adept at his job. He’s a good equipment operator and all-around good guy.